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Know well on the metal complex dyes powder

From: 映美化工   AddDate: 2016-08-16   Keywords: metal complex dyes   Views: 535

  There are two forms of metal complex dyes,liquid and powder,the powder can trun into liquid once dilueted in some solvents.So what is the characteristic of metal complex dyes powder?

  What is the characteristic of metal complex dyes powder?

  Great solubility and large scale usage,

  Soluble good with kinds of resins.

Know well on the metal complex dyes powder


  Full colorful

  High level metal complex dyes,free heavy metal irons.

  Easy operation for the metal complex dyes liquid.No pollution from the dust.

  Metal complex dyes powder series.

  1,Metal complex dyes powder in different solvents with different degree of dissolution,when dissolved,but also by the temperature and the effects of solvent purity.To be dissolved according to different process,first of all to test,in order to understand the solvent properties.

Know well on the metal complex dyes powder


  2,after the dissolution of the powder,the time for a long time,it will produce a trace of precipitation,so when the use of 300-400 mesh filter to filter out,to prevent the precipitation of substances into the next process.

  3,solvent metering are added to the dissolution vessel during dissolution,and then adding dye batches,stirring constantly increase after completion of a few minutes,wait for 1-2 hours,in the stirring,the static precipitation.If do not soluble dyes,adding proper amount of solvent,extraction of available dyes discard the remaining unwanted impurities.

  4,We have to hoose a good solvent and good dissolution method as the there will be precipitation if it is unqualified.color sediment will be many,dye content will more and more,will eventually lead to uneven dyeing,the dyeing effect is poor.

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