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A depth Analysis on the market of metal complex solvent dyes

 A depth Analysis on the market of metal complex solvent dyes
Put the metal complex solvent dyes products into the market,carry on the test,including its quality,useage,price and environmental performance,so it is very easy on observation of competice,also can see whether it is suitable for today's market,this can be very clear.

Do you really know what is metal complex dyes?


Everyone know the metal complex dyes in the dyes industry. It is an synthetic dyes, non natural by chemistry. It is with outstanding performance in furniture, leather, dyeing. Metal complex dyes have many branches for which can be subdivided into many types. It is very popular for which ones contains chromium, cobalt etc.,

The development of water based metal complex dyes need to go beyond these mountains


Water based metal complex dyes is a new one compared with solvent dyes, the birth of water is a rare environmental protection paint, in fact, the solvent is changed, the original solvent replaced by water. Compared with the traditional solvent dyes, water-based metal complex dyes has three main characteristics:

How can you get best water based metal complex dyes?


Water based metal complex dyes has already owned its market, many industries have began to use water based metal complex dyes and won more attention. You have to know the market no matter in which industry. While we have to communicate with professionla person in this industry to know more information for getting market news.

Just know well about these three points for metal complex dyes use guide


Metal complex dyes are used in people’s life everywhere, it bring colors to us, while environmental metal complex dyes ensure our safety. Some index of the metal complex dyes must meet national stanardard as there is specific production standard for it to make sure non-toxic harmless, absolutely not enough to harm the human body. Let us check some index...

There are organic metal complex dyes powder and inorganic ones, which one is better?


The organic metal complex dyes powder is composed of hydrocarbon organic for which is a mixture. Appearance and its color is very bright. So what is inorganic metal complex dyes powder? There is no organic and metal ones are called inorganic metal complex dyes powder.Strong hiding power, solvent resistance, heat resistance and high dispersion is obvious ...

Know well on the metal complex dyes powder


There are two forms of metal complex dyes,liquid and powder,the powder can trun into liquid once dilueted in some solvents.So what is the characteristic of metal complex dyes powder?

What kind of applications in leather for the water basedd metal complex dyes liquid?


Water based metal complex dyes’ application field is very extensive, and also used in leathe extremeluy, let us see what kind of application in leather for the water based metal complex dyes?

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